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Hello everyone, hope you're having a good start to your week! 

Over the weekend I started playing a game called Grow Home on PS4. Which I guess came out late last year? But I only just heard about it. Very fun, inventive little title! You play as a small robot named BUD that's tasked with going down to a planet (earth?) and helping this gigantic plant called a Star Flower grow and eventually blossom. You do this by using the triggers on the controller to clamp BUD's right and left hand down on objects, helping him climb this enormous flower as it grows up into the sky. The sense of scale is amazing and there were several times where my hands were sweating and I felt a little dizzy from how high up I was. I finished the main campaign in a day but there's still some upgrades to find and some secondary missions to complete so I'll definitely be going back to it until I 100% it (except for getting all the trophies, I don't understand how some of them are even possible wtf).

Anyway, that was my weekend. Hope you had a good one, see you back on Friday!