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Whew! This weekend was pretty nuts. One of my close friends got married on Saturday and I was in charge of the moving truck with all the decorations and props and things, little did I know that the venue was up two flights to stairs and there was no lift or dolly to make things any easier. Suffice to say I'm pretty sore. But I'm glad she had her dream wedding.

Still chuggin' through LOST with Lyndie. We've gotten to Henry's introduction and it's the first time I've felt disappointed while rewatching, not just because I already know the outcome but because I can't remember which side I was on (was he telling the truth or lying?) when I first watched it, and for me a big part of the fun of LOST was all the fan theories and guessing games. On the flip side though since it's been such a long time since I've watched it, I've forgotten a ton of the smaller details and character arcs/backstories so although I know in broader terms what happens I'm still having a good time.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and stay safe. We're in October now and the Skeltons are already beginning to prep for the annual Skelton Wars on the living!