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Taking a hard left from Friday's list of sci-fi shows to watch, my girlfriend and I have been watching through Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt over the weekend. I don't know if I've ranted about it before here but 30 Rock is probably my all-time favorite TV show ever, and at any point over the past 2 years I've had it playing in the background pretty much non-stop. I've lost count of how many times I've watched through it but it's over 20 at this point for sure. So when I found out the creators of 30 Rock had a new Netflix show I was super excited to watch it, but I wanted to watch it with someone and since it came out, everyone I started watching it with fell off after the first couple of episodes. Having finally found someone to watch it with me and getting through the first season, just, wow. It's like 30 Rock humor on speed. So far everyone's acting is so natural they just are the characters, which is one of the things I love so much about 30 Rock. The writing is sharp and smart as a whip and it's just fantastic. I'm already dreading the wait for Season 3 and I haven't even finished Season 2 yet.

I did also talk my girlfriend into watching Stranger Things as well, and she's really digging it so far. It's been cool watching through it again having seen it all already, picking up all the little hints and clues laid out in early episodes. Can't wait for Season 2 of this one either.

See y'all on Friday!