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I've started streaming No Man's Sky over on my Twitch channel again. I'm currently about halfway through the Atlas Path, and after I complete that I'm gonna start making my way towards the center. I'm starting to think about what game I'll stream next, and lately I've noticed at Target and Walmart they've been fire sale clearancing Disney Infinity figures and accessories. I've always liked the style of the figures and now that they're so ridiculously cheap (I found the Level Pack with Iron Man, Black Widow, and their Avengers level for like $7, which is half the price of just a single character) I've been looking around to see if there's any that catch my eye, and that's a good Co-Op game so it might make for some fun streaming.

Of course there's also Bound and Abzû, and Grow Up, which has been waiting patiently for my love affair with No Man's Sky to subside, looking at me from my PS4 menu longingly every time I boot up.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Go [insert football team here] woo!