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I finished Stranger Things. I'm glad I had stopped when I did because the episode after the one I creeped out on was called "The Monster" so that probably would have sent me to the loony bin in the state I was in when first watching it. Not so scary in the middle of the day though! Ha ha ha!

This is without a doubt the best Original Series that Netflix has made in my ever so humble opinion. Everything about it was so well done. Ah man the wait for Season 2 is gonna be the worst.

In other news I've been testing out some game capture hardware and software I got forever ago in preparation for No Man's Sky launching next week. I'm gonna try to log everything I can via Twitch streaming and Let's Play videos - since no two people will ever have the same experience it seems like the perfect game for this kind of thing. I can't wait to see what kind of planet I start on. Only four more days!!! I'll post links under Monday's update.

Have a good weekend everyone!