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And both of them together:

SO last night I went to the midnight showing of Ghostbusters 2016 and it completely blew me away. I was hoping it would be at least 'ok', the trailers looked pretty bad and the Fall Out Boy theme song was not good at all (I did a video review of it and gave it a B or something but in retrospect I think I was far too generous) but the movie hit every note for me. I loved all the world building and focus on ghosts being real, how their equipment worked, the government was actually involved which is something I always thought was missing from the first and especially second movie (though they bring them in for the superb IDW comics series), all the little winks and nods and cameos I felt were handled very well, and the stinger after the credits made me squeal. Also the Walk the Moon cover of the Ghostbusters theme is just a straight up cover of the original and it's fantastic, that really should have been the song they released before the movie and not the Fall Out Boy one but I guess they wanted to show that they had a different version of it unique to the movie and not just a straight cover. Looking at the sound track during the credits it looks like there's maybe 5 or 6 different versions of the theme though so I'll have to eventually check them all out.

Really really great. If you were on the fence, I highly recommend giving it a chance. The first movie is my favorite film of all time but there were actually some aspects I felt the reboot did better than the original, even. Solid 9/10, with GB84 being 11/10 and GBII being maybe a 7/10. Yes I think the reboot is better than the sequel (though the popular opinion of it isn't very high so I guess that's not a high bar for many.)

Go see it!