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Another week has come and gone. I saw The Conjuring 2 this past Wednesday, it was pretty rad. It had a lot more jump scares than the first one did but it was still cool as hell. I haven't seen many horror movies that take place outside of the US so it was fun and interesting to see how they differ from ours. Very creepy, cool special effects, good creature design, lots of cool twists and surprises. Even though the real Warrens were frauds it's still cool to see adaptations of their case files, I'm actually thinking about getting some of Ed Warren's books now.

What really fucked me up though, was the trailer for a movie called Lights Out. Yes a trailer scared me more than the actual movie we went to see. I've always had that "run out of the room as quickly as possible once the lights are out" fear, and for that reason I never watched the Lights Out short when it hit YouTube a while ago. Apparently it was pretty great and now they're making a movie of it and even though I timidly watched parts of the trailer with just my peripheral vision it still freaked me out when leaving the office last night and gave me a damned nightmare. I do not think I will be seeing that movie, ever.

In other, site-related news, I'm gonna try and figure out a solution to the navigation problem I've been hearing some people are having. The overall site navigation bar was blending into people's browser window frames so I changed the color to make it pop more, but also just jumping around back/forth/first/last on the comic itself is a pain in the ass so I'm gonna try to figure out a way to fix it as soon as possible. The site I use automatically does a "newer/older" arrow at the bottom of posts but I want a way to stick those arrows right under the actual pages so people don't have to scroll through my inane ramblings to get to other pages.

Have a nice weekend everyone!