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Happy Monday everyone!

Spending my day trying to figure out unemployment forms, why the hell is this so confusing how do they expect people to know half of this. If my hours for a part time job changed on a weekly basis do I estimate my income or do I have to find my schedules for the past year and add up exactly how much I worked each week? This is going to take FOREVER.

Got to hang out with all my siblings this weekend which was pretty nice, haven't had all of us in one place in quite a while. We spent the day in Little Tokyo, did some karaoke and then ate dinner at Dog Haus which, if you're in the area, you should check out. Their chili tater tots are insane and all of their burgers and hot dogs are served on toasted Hawaiian sweet bread. Oof.

See you Friday, hopefully I will be done filling these forms out by then.