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Oof. What a week it's been.

Actually not even just this week, last week too. Things have been pretty gnarly and all over the place. Got into some unfortunate and very unintentional misunderstandings with a YouTube food reviewer, hopefully that's cleared up now though. Work's been kind of wild, starting a new chapter in that area of my life on Monday. Kind of worried but hoping that things are gonna work out. At least I have my health right? Oh wait I got super sick on Monday with some kind of 24 hour bug or food poisoning. But I'm better now!? Heading into the weekend at least, gonna go Karaoke in Little Tokyo with my family which I'm sure will be an interesting experience! Maybe a hike. Lots of drawing. Hmm.

Have any of you heard of Neil Breen? If you enjoy terrible movies like The Room you should absolutely check out his work. He has three movies currently available on YouTube (I've looked for other means to watch or buy them, there are none) Double Down, I Am Here.... Now, and Fateful Findings. Words can't really do the content of these movies justice, they need to be watched. And if you check out a trailer and think he's self aware and trying to be bad on purpose you are very wrong and should check out the films because they are... nearly incomprehensible. Enjoyable in a maddeningly confusing way. They're a little NSFW due to either very cheesy violence or extremely awkward sex scenes which, spoilers, don't actually have any sex or nudity and are more like "uncomfortable cuddling and soft unwanted kissing" scenes. If you watch all three movies though you WILL see Neil Breen's butt and the back of his ballsack, AKA, his backsack. Check them out!

Hope everyone has had a good week, and has an enjoyable weekend! See you back here on Monday for another new page.