Making my way through Skyward Sword, Switch and Breath of the Wild are only two weeks away now so the heat is on to wrap it up quick!

I just started the desert area, there's a suuuuuper cool mechanic there where everything is dried out and dead, but there are Time Crystals and when you hit them, they create a sort of bubble around themselves that shows what the area looked like thousands of years ago. So for example is there's a gorge you need to cross, you'd hit a Time Crystal and it'd make a large bubble around itself and the part of the gorge within that bubble would have water in it so you can swim across. Really clever time travel idea. All the inhabitants of the desert are little mining robots that are broken down in the present but work in the past, makes me wonder about the timeline of the Zelda world since Skyward Sword is the "origin story" to the Triforce and everything yet there was clearly this super advanced race thousands of years before the story even takes place.