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Sorry for the lack of posts, I have the comics on a schedule and I usually add the post the night before they go up, but I've got a new job and my schedule is a little off and it's been messing up my posing. Things are settling down now so hopefully I'll get back on the ball since I know how much people cherish my text posts.

SO. This twist. I've been wanting to push the art a little further in Dead Beats for a while now and figured that this story was a good place to do it. I didn't write a style change into the twist, it just happened to present itself as a good place to do it, and to differentiate between the dream and the real world. Just how much of the last two chapters were a dream is something that'll be touched on in Chapter 3. For now though, Walker's got a vampire in his house and he needs to focus on that first!

Have a nice week everyone! See you Friday!