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Soooo apparently I saved over today's comic with another file by mistake. I have to redraw it so it'll be up a bit late today ):<

Alright got the comic redrawn and now it's up! What a way to start the new year off eh? There was a ton of stuff working against getting this up in time and then I lost the whole page but now it's up. I kinda even like how Pass 2 came out more than the original I lost? Still, my apologies for the late comic.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years! Lyndie and I went to visit some friends of mine from my old job at Frederator and we had a really nice, quiet, what Stephen called "Old Person New Year" since we just stayed in and sipped champagne when the clock struck midnight. Talked a lot about music and entertainment and what we planned to do this year. I've got a ton more Dead Beats stories to tell, plus I'm gonna keep pitching ideas for shows and hopefully start up an Etsy store too! I'd like to get better/more "serious" about doing game streaming too, hopefully everything with work will settle down and I can get back into a nice groove again.

Happy 2017!