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I'm not quite sure what happened with Monday's update not having the page number under it, I must not have saved after setting up the image? I had it set as a scheduled post since I was with my parents for Christmas weekend. Hmm.

At any rate it's fixed now! I hope everyone's Christmas was nice and if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.

I just showed Lyndie the miniseries "The Lost Room" and now I'm wondering if we should try watching the not-quite-as-good show version of it, Warehouse 13. My friend Bryce also introduced me to The Expanse, interesting concept that I'll have to watch a few more episodes of before I pass judgement.

Been loving the heck out of Astroneer. Just made my first shuttle and landed on the moon, the gravity changes so you jump really high and far. Incredibly fun little game for being a pre-alpha build!