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Still trying to lock that little navigation bar in place, saw how it looked on mobile (jank) so I'm tweaking it again. Hopefully it looks the same for everyone now. Gonna go through the archive and put it on all the Chapter One pages too.

Alright! Well this weekend I did another live stream, but a bit differently. I got drunk with a few friends and they all guest-starred on the stream with me as I attempted to force myself through the horror game Until Dawn. We got through about 5 hours on the stream, but I'm thinking about cutting it up into smaller segments and putting them on YouTube since it was so much fun. The game itself is pretty wild, it's like Life is Strange in that it's kind of a playable choose-your-own-adventure movie, where the choices you make affect the outcome of the game. There's tons of branching paths and you can finish the game with all 8 kids alive, all dead, or any combination in between, so the replayability is pretty deep. I started getting good and proper spooked towards hour 3 or 4 and then actually couldn't sleep that night so maybe when we wrap it up we'll play during the day.

Have a nice week everyone!

Update: I've gone through all the comics and added the new <Next/Page/Back> bar to them, hooray! All links appear to be working but let me know if you find any that don't.