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Tried to start Lyndie on Fringe but I forgot the pilot is 2 hours long, and we started it pretty late at night so she blinked out of the second half. What she saw she liked so we're gonna try again soon.

I can't believe another month has come and gone. it's crazy how fast this year as been moving, yet when I look back so much has happened. Here's hoping the last two months come and go peacefully, heh.

Oh and today is Halloween! Woohoo! I'm probably just gonna hand out some candy with Lyndie and our neighbors and maybe watch Hocus Pocus or something. I don't even have a costume picked out, sheesh.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and has a fun and safe Halloween!

PS - Now that a new chapter has started I'm gonna try to implement better navigation under each page of the comic. I got some complaints about the little arrows that show up at the bottom of the blog posts so I'm gonna try and do them manually up by the page numbers now, hopefully that makes things a little easier for people going forward!