Yeehaw Chapter 2!

So I was so busy rambling on about the journey I've gone on over the past year with Dead Beats Chapter 1, I didn't touch on what really mattered:

We finished LOST!

Lyndie seemed to like it (though she wants to read some wikis to get a better explanation of the ending and themes) so I'm thinking I'm gonna see how she likes Fringe next. It seems like she's pretty into sci-fi stuff so I'm hoping she digs it, as much as I love LOST it changed so much over the 6-7 years it was on and lost its original concept, and Fringe is much more focused from start to finish.

Oh speaking of focused, this season of American Horror Story has been ooooon point. They're doing 10 episodes now instead of 13 and cutting back seems to have helped a ton. The new format they're doing for this season has been really fun and so far it hasn't gotten bogged down by a ton of extraneous stuff like some of the other seasons. Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of the show, or if you got burnt out by the last few seasons.

Have a nice weekend everyone!