Saw The Boss Baby again over the weekend. I think three times is enough for theaters and now I'll eagerly await the BluRay release in a few months.

On Friday I went by the local Walmart, Target, and BestBuy looking for Neon JoyCons for my Switch to play some 4-Player Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Nobody had any, but Target said they'd be getting some in on Sunday.

So around 2am Sunday morning I drove past Target to see if they had a line forming (the clerk was unclear if they'd be getting systems too, or just controllers). I didn't see anyone, but they opened in 5 hours so I decided to hang around and keep an eye on things in case anyone else showed up.

Well, nobody else showed up. And at 7am I walked to the back of the store to the electronics section. The clerk (different guy from Friday) had a cart next to the register and he was scanning the new items they'd gotten in that day. On the top of the pile was one, single box of Neon JoyCons. I asked if I could buy them, he scanned them, said it was the only pair they got in and sold them to me. Vindication! Sleeping in my car had paid off!

Only it hadn't. I got home, and opened the box with the intent to charge them and surprise my girlfriend when she woke up. I slid the JoyCons out of their box and squinted. Was it just dark in the room? The color didn't look right. I brought them up closer to my face and found that despite the box being that for Neon JoyCons, somehow they had been swapped out with Gray JoyCons.

Frustrated and in utter disbelief I immediately returned to Target for a refund. No 4-Player Mario Kart matches will be had until I can find them. The search continues...