Well, the Switch is rad as hell, and Breath of the Wild is simply incredible.

I should have installed the Parental Control app to see how long I've played, but it's been somewhere between 10-20 hours. The map is absolutely massive and the graphics are, in my humble opinion, gorgeous. There's a bit of slowdown here and there but nothing at all that has caused me any grief while playing. The combat is fun, I feel like I'm better at fighting in this Zelda than any others I've played (especially coming off of Skyward Sword's difficult motion control combat). The Shrines are awesome, bite-sized Zelda puzzle goodness distilled, and the overworld has plenty of puzzles and secrets as well. I've been inside one actual dungeon and it was fantastic, probably the only part of the game I've gotten stuck in yet, but the boss is too powerful so I had to leave to try and find more powerful gear. I've already experienced so many amazing and unique things on my adventure, I even managed to destroy a flying sentry Guardian with a huge metal container by standing out of range and using the Magnesis Rune to repeatedly bash it to death.

I can't wait to play more! Have a nice weekend everyone!