Ah jeez.

So, Chapter 2 was actually gonna be 33 pages long, and Chapter 3 was gonna start outside Meloy's house. I didn't like that idea, I wanted Chapter 3 to start in Walker's car on the way to Miami, so I took what was supposed to be page 1 or Chapter 3, and made it page 34 of Chapter 2. Unfortunately when doing this I saved over page 2 of Chapter 3 with the revised page 1. So I just found this out this morning when I got to work and had to redraw the whole page in about 2 hours. Hence the less than detailed backgrounds. But! At least it still got up in time.

Switch comes out this Friday woooo!! I'm maybe 3/4ths of the way through Skyward Sword, it's reeeally good. Story wise, at least. Some of the gameplay is really damn frustrating, but the story is fantastic and I even got a little teary-eyed during one of the cutscenes last night. I don't think a game has ever gotten that kind of an emotional response from me before? I was definitely not expecting it.

Only 4 more days to finish it! Hope I make it! Have a good week everyone!