Well this was unexpected.

I've finished moving, (unpacking and setting up is another matter though ugh) and was going to get back to updating Dead Beats today as I planned but I no longer have access to a Cintiq. I always used the one I had at work, but production is ramping up and they need it for the production team while they order new ones so for the time being I... have no way to make my comics anymore. I'm trying to figure out a way around this (I just found out on Friday), I'm super depressed right now to not be able to work on my comic or do any kind of digital art anymore (I was also in the middle of working on 2-3 new pitch ideas too). Maybe I'll put the main story on hold and do little one-off updates in the mean time, draw them on paper and scan them in and upload them? Then at least I'd still be updating, even if the current story would be on hold. Argh. I'm really sorry everyone. I'll figure something out and update the site as soon as I do.